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"Who Else Wants to Build Self Confidence,

Eliminate Addictions, Anxiety, Stress,

and Fear, While Living a Life Full

of Happiness and Joy?"




Hypnotic suggestion and relaxation

can bring positive changes in your life!



To sum up how I feel about Karin as a spiritual

advisor and hypnotherapist – Amazing!

Bless you Karin and thank you….

- Gladys, Calabasas California




From the Desk of:

Karin Marquez, C. Ht.

Hynotherapy and relaxation


Hypnotic Bliss Hypnotherapy FREE Phone Consultation

Dear Future Client,


If you're tired of not feeling good about yourself and you struggle with such issues as losing weight, smoking, low self esteem, anxiety, fear, anger, negativity, or any form of addiction, then this message is the most important message you will ever read.


Here's why!


Hypnotherapy can provide a proven solution for the following challenges:





Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Weight Loss


Hypnotherapy for Anxiety



Hypnotherapy for Fear



Hypnotherapy for Anger



Hypnotherapy for Negativity



Hypnotherapy for Addiction



Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

Pain Management


Hypnotherapy for Low Self Esteem

Low Self Esteem


Hypnotherapy Effective and Safe

And more!


Through the power of professional Hypnotic Suggestion and Relaxation you can bring positive changes within your life starting today.



Hypnotherapy has proven to be effective

and safe for people of all ages...


Anyone can benefit from the positive effects of Hypnotherapy and Relaxation regardless of age or past experience.  


What's more, there's no need to put your life on hold.  If you're reading this message then you're here for a reason.  You're looking for a solution and you've come to the right place.  



An exciting new journey is waiting for you...


You have the power to make things happen!  And with my professional guidance and skill together we can move you past your limitations and open the door to an exciting new journey where self-empowerment will begin to take you places you never imagined.  



 But don't take my word for it...

Here's what a satisfied client had to say:



Hypnotic Bliss Hypnotherapy Positive Testimonials



I was very skeptical of hypnotherapy.  

But I decided to try it anyway.

I went with an open mind, so as not to be disappointed if it didn't work out.  I also decided to test the hypnotherapist by laying all my problems at her feet.   I wanted her to have an excuse in case she failed to help me out.  

All I can say is... Hypnotherapy

has changed my life!

Karin not only logically compartmentalized all the problems, but we dealt with each one, one at a time.  

I was impressed by Karin's organizational

skills and her friendliness.  

She is a fantastic listener.  She does not impose decisions on you... you talk, she listens.  And she has a calming voice.

I started noticing changes within

myself almost immediately.

I found myself consciously paying attention to issues I wanted to resolve.   What surprised me was... I found myself making little decisions and stopping myself from doing things I used to do that I wanted to change.

I'm amazed at what hypnotherapy

has done for me.

I have never felt better.  I have never felt more in control of my life.  

I should have done it earlier.  

Thank you Karin.

- Maureen O.



Hypnotic Bliss Hypnotherapy Positive Testimonials



If Maureen can do it, so can you! 


Regardless of what your current issues may be, Hypnotic Bliss Hypnotherapy provides a proven and Relaxing solution to help you breakthrough and regain control over your life.  


Remember this...

If you don't take control of your life now

something or someone else will.


It's true!  If we don't step up and take control of our lives, then we hand our power over to something or someone other than ourselves.  To control or be controlled... that's the question.  


All forms of addiction can eventually take control of your life, and addictions come in many different forms.  But when you decide to take full control and responsibility for your thoughts and actions, everything in your life will begin to change for the best.


No matter what your issues may be, I can help guide you to self empowerment through effective Hypnosis and Relaxation.


Here's what another satisfied client had to say...



Hypnotic Bliss Hypnotherapy Positive Testimonials



Karin truly cares about her clients and

she provides quality time in helping

us achieve our goals.

I began hypnosis sessions with Karin a few months ago and I can only say that she has done tremendous work on me!  

    Through my regular sessions with Karin,

I have become a more positive

and focused individual.  

I have always been driven and an achiever; however, sometimes my results would come at the expense of my health and well-being.  

Through Karin’s loving directions and faith in me, I learned to properly and positively channel my energies towards the achievement of my financial, health, heart and educational goals.  

I now spend more time engaging in meditation,

visualization, and positive self-talk.  

The results...

  • Even greater goal manifestations to include getting just what I need financially at the most opportune moment..
  • Finishing up law school on a grand scale...
  • Experiencing a new love interest who mirrors just what I had on my vision board...
  • And always getting just what I need financially!  

I am more successful in all areas of my life as a

result of the work that we have done together.

Of course I know I must first thank the Universal intelligence, which we call God.  But, Karin is definitely next in line for appreciation.  I highly recommend her to anyone in need of direction or just a reminder of their true potential and magnificence as a human being.

To sum up how I feel about Karin as a spiritual

advisor and hypnotherapist – Amazing!

Bless you Karin and thank you….

- Gladys, Calabasas California




Hypnotic Bliss Hypnotherapy Positive Testimonials



Hypnotic Bliss Hypnotherapy FREE Phone Consultation



Just imagine how incredible you'll feel as you

begin to easily step past all the barriers

that once held you hostage...





Hypnotherapy for a positive change in behavior

Suddenly you'll begin to notice a change in your behavior


Hypnotherapy will propel you forward

Everything that once held you back will now begin to propel you forward


Hypnotherapy clearer thoughts

Your thoughts are becoming clearer


Hypnotherapy encourages healthy choices

Your desire for unhealthy choices is rapidly decreasing


Hypnotherapy for everything good

Everything is changing for the good


Hypnotherapy for positive results

Your actions are generating positive results


Hypnotherapy for increased energy

Your energy level is increasing every day


Hypnotherapy for attracting positive people and situations

You're attracting positive people and situations into your life


Hypnotherapy for increased excitement in life

Your excitement for life has increased dramatically




Hypnotic Bliss Hypnotherapy with Karin Marquez


A beneficial combination of both traditional

Hypnotherapy and Aroma Therapy!


Aroma Therapy is a powerful adjunct to Hypnotherapy!


Here's why...


Therapeutic grade essential oils directly effect the senses and help to release or trigger important memory scents... it's like emotional time travel without the drama.  


The scent brings back the memory allowing us to explore a moment in time where certain influences may have left an indelible impression that may be hindering the quality of your life.  


By revisiting these memories under a Hypnotic and Relaxing state, together we are able to safely explore, remove, and replace those memories with constructive and positive impressions.  It's like fine tuning an instrument.  By tuning your memory to a positive note, you'll begin to see an exciting new orchestration within your life.  Even the smallest of changes can create the greatest impact in a positive and constructive manner.


 Your opportunity to live a life of happiness

and joy is just a phone call away...


You have nothing to fear and everything to gain!



Hypnotic Bliss Hypnotherapy FREE Phone Consultation






P.S. - There is 'NO' obligation for your Free Consultation.
















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