A Beneficial Combination of Both Traditional
Hypnotherapy and Aroma Therapy!

Aroma Therapy is a powerful adjunct to Hypnotherapy! Here's why...

Therapeutic grade essential oils directly effect the senses and help to release or trigger important memory scents... it's like emotional time travel without the drama.

 The scent brings back the memory allowing us to explore a moment in time where certain influences may have left an indelible impression that may be hindering the quality of your life.

 By revisiting these memories under a Hypnotic and Relaxing state, together we are able to safely explore, remove, and replace those memories with constructive and positive impressions. It's like fine tuning an instrument. By tuning your memory to a positive note, you'll begin to see an exciting new orchestration within your life. Even the smallest of changes can create the greatest impact in a positive and constructive manner.

Just imagine how incredible you'll feel as you begin to easily step past all the barriers that once held you hostage...

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