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I was very skeptical of hypnotherapy.  

But I decided to try it anyway.

I went with an open mind, so as not to be disappointed if it didn't work out.  I also decided to test the hypnotherapist by laying all my problems at her feet.   I wanted her to have an excuse in case she failed to help me out.  

All I can say is... Hypnotherapy

has changed my life!

Karin not only logically compartmentalized all the problems, but we dealt with each one, one at a time.  

I was impressed by Karin's organizational

skills and her friendliness.  

She is a fantastic listener.  She does not impose decisions on you... you talk, she listens.  And she has a calming voice.

I started noticing changes within

myself almost immediately.

I found myself consciously paying attention to issues I wanted to resolve.   What surprised me was... I found myself making little decisions and stopping myself from doing things I used to do that I wanted to change.

I'm amazed at what hypnotherapy

has done for me.

I have never felt better.  I have never felt more in control of my life.  

I should have done it earlier.  

Thank you Karin.

- Maureen O.








Karin truly cares about her clients and

she provides quality time in helping

us achieve our goals.

I began hypnosis sessions with Karin a few months ago and I can only say that she has done tremendous work on me!  

    Through my regular sessions with Karin,

I have become a more positive

and focused individual.  

I have always been driven and an achiever; however, sometimes my results would come at the expense of my health and well-being.  

Through Karin’s loving directions and faith in me, I learned to properly and positively channel my energies towards the achievement of my financial, health, heart and educational goals.  

I now spend more time engaging in meditation,

visualization, and positive self-talk.  

The results...

  • Even greater goal manifestations to include getting just what I need financially at the most opportune moment..
  • Finishing up law school on a grand scale...
  • Experiencing a new love interest who mirrors just what I had on my vision board...
  • And always getting just what I need financially!  

I am more successful in all areas of my life as a

result of the work that we have done together.

Of course I know I must first thank the Universal intelligence, which we call God.  But, Karin is definitely next in line for appreciation.  I highly recommend her to anyone in need of direction or just a reminder of their true potential and magnificence as a human being.

To sum up how I feel about Karin as a spiritual

advisor and hypnotherapist – Amazing!

Bless you Karin and thank you….

- Gladys, Calabasas California


















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